Small to medium sized churches (and often large ones!) many times reach a point where the team (singers, musicians and sound crew) begins to struggle to not only sound good, but to lead effective worship. Often this can stem from adding new or improved equipment, personnel changes, or other changing conditions at church. WAIT sessions are designed to provide highly customized solutions for worship teams who want to improve the impact of their worship experience for themselves and their church.

Sessions include:

  • Group rehearsal strategies
  • Group worship goals focus and achievement
  • Group sound and monitoring strategies and goals
  • Focus Breakout Sessions for:
  • Singers (leader and chorus/backs)
  • Bass
  • Guitar
  • Drums
  • Other (brass, orchestra, etc)
  • Sound Crew
  • Sessions concentrate on specific issues pertaining to these areas, and how to integrate their passion and performance more effectively.

Private instruction on all vocal/instruments as desired (separate charges)

WAIT Session are conducted by a crack-team of highly experienced teachers, and goals can be met in one full day or separated sessions over several days, and pricing is based on specific needs, location, and church budget. The typical scenario is a group training in the morning, lunch break, break-out sessions early after noon, and final group training late afternoon (integration of instruction). Private instruction arranged separately.