Private Voice Lessons… What to Expect

Private voice lessons and application from the Student Centered Teaching perspective are at the core of what I do as a voice teacher. Nearly 30 years of teaching experience is brought to bear along side the Vocalize U “4 Houses” vocal approach model:

Austin Voice Lessons

All houses of knowledge are necessary for a well rounded singer.
What house do you need to visit to become the singer you know you can be?

1st Lesson:

I always have a new student sing something first- a favorite song or a piece they’ve been working on, with or without accompaniment. This lets me get a quick idea about the student’s style and approach. Next, a quick assessment using some specialized scales and exercises that help me identify particular issues and tendencies. Then I’ll begin applying exercises that lead them towards a relaxed, balanced voice!

Subsequent Lessons:

All subsequent lessons tend to be about 50/50 between exercises and singing application, all specifically adjusted to the students needs, goals, and desires. Every student is different and I make sure to help them the best way they need.

Goal Setting:

Students will be encouraged OFTEN to set and reach for goals as a singer and artist.
Some goals may be:

  • More range
  • Better tone or endurance
  • Recovery from an injury or vocal surgery
  • Developing a unique artist identity
  • Improving style and delivery
  • Songwriting & demoing
  • Developing a business plan and network through affiliations with VIP or AMF

Goals will be discussed and tracked, with lots of agreed-upon markers to gauge progress.

Private Voice Lessons Rates:

In-person Private Lessons in ATX
(My home or at our studio location on Manchaca Road)
$65 per hour / $35 per half hour (house call rate is $80 per  hour)

Skype or Zoom Remote Lessons
$65 per hour / $35 per half hour

Group / Team Lessons
$100 per hour

* 4 one-hour lessons    $250 per month
* 4 half hour lessons     $135 per month

* Monthly rates will be available starting January 2018!

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