Vocal Therapy

Recovering from a vocal injury or surgical procedure can be a real test of patience…it’s often tedious and time consuming. But if you’re working with an ENT and an SLP along with the vocal coaching, most singers recover very well as they establish good balance and habits that lower the chances of re-injury!

  • 1st, I’m NOT a licensed voice therapist. I’m a VERY experienced vocal coach. I’ve helped many injured students recover their singing through the years, working in tandem with their respective ENTs and/or SLPs. This partnership is critical for full recovery.
  • I’ll need to obtain a full diagnosis of the injury (nodules, paralysis, post surgical etc), and details on current vocal therapies being administered. A picture or video from any vocal scoping would be useful too.
  • Any student who wants to begin recovering their singing voice with me will be required to furnish a written release from their ENT/SLP indicating that conditions are clear to start training for singing.
  • All pricing is the same as any regular private lesson.
  • Mostly, be optimistic! The human body is AMAZING, and recovery, although it can take time, is well within reach!

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