The Dream Within A Dream

You’re already successful, living the dream…but do you remember the other dream? Being that singer/writer you used to be? Or never tried to be? YOU CAN STILL DO IT!

People make the decision to pursue success with single-minded purpose and zeal…that’s what it takes! That’s what you did, and it’s working. But NOW you can invest time and energy into the OTHER dream! How?

  • Find a voice coach who can help you build/rebuild a flexible and sustainable voice in the style you dream of, using a proven approach that helps develop and protect your voice for years to come!
  • Make sure that coach has the experience to help you develop goals in your singing and artist identity, whether you decide to pursue the dream as a hobbyist or professional.
  • Choose a coach who can help develop goals for the solo style artist in you, or help you develop rehearsal strategies and style identity for the awesome band your putting together!

Jay Lemon offers you all of this and more! Learn the skills and develop the goals with the guidance of a teacher who has been helping students reach the stars for over 26 years as a Professor of Commercial Music at South Plains College! Jay has trained vocalists and bands in every style, every level of musicianship. A member of Vocology In Practice International (VIP), and The International Voice Teachers of Mix (IVTOM), you can take advantage NOW of his expertise as a client of Jay Lemon Vocal Studio.