One of the great passions I have is mentoring and helping voice teachers of all kinds. I’ve spent a great deal of time mentoring and training voice teachers as a professor at South Plains College, and I am a Mentor Teacher with IVTOM. If you are an experienced voice teacher or just getting started, I would love to help you reach your goals for your students!

Teacher Mentoring/Instruction:

Instructions for experienced or beginning voice teachers will involve discussions on vocal science, personal voice instruction, and lesson observations for pedagogy (you observing me, me observing you). There won’t be any “requirements” for any kind of “certification” per se, but I can equip you to teach effectively, and you’ll be able to apply and qualify for a VIP or IVTOM affiliation in approximately 8-10 weeks (10-20hrs of lessons and observation). This would be entirely dependent upon your goals as a teacher. My standard rates apply to all lessons.

Vocology In Practice (VIP)
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International Voice Teachers Of Mix (IVTOM)
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Are two particularly great resources for voice teachers the world over. I am affiliated with both of these excellent groups.

Please contact me with any questions you have.