Live performances or in the studio, Jay Lemon brings nearly 40 years of music experience to the table when you really need things to be spot-on! Whether it’s pop, rock, country, r&b, soul, gospel, blues, jazz… piano, organ, synth… separately or simultaneously… Jay will bring the right style to the gig.

Music Production

Jay has been writing and recording production music for radio, TV, and venues of all kinds for 30+ years! Back to when tape machines synched to film/video with SMPTE until the present, he’s been writing and producing music/sfx in all imaginable styles. Whether it’s heavy rock or orchestral composition, milliseconds or hours…he can create custom music and effects for your website, video game, movie, training video, phone system… with the finest sound quality! Listen Now!

Music for Film & Television

Original music for any video, film, or animation should always enhance, magnify and compliment the images you’ve worked so hard to create. Click here to listen to examples of various styles and moods for your next project!

Jingles & Advertising

Whatever the product or service, jingles and music beds are a long proven way to attract attention and increase memorability. Click here and listen to examples of great ad music! Listen Now.