How to Choose the Right Vocal Coach

If you’re hoping to start a career as a vocalist/artist in this ultra-competitive world, the right vocal coach is certainly critical. But what should you look for?

5 Basics:

  • “The right technique to compete”…a teacher that is using a proven voice approach that helps you achieve goals, that helps improve and protect your voice without sacrificing the style and artistry you want as a performer.
  • “Artist Identity and Development”…a teacher who is able to guide you into creating and magnifying the artist identity, the “brand” that will define you as a singer and/or writer.
  • “Affiliation with networks to pursue success”…a coach with relationships and affiliations with industry professionals who can make all the difference as you build your professional network and brand.
  • “Real EXPERIENCE!”…a teacher who has spent YEARS developing and teaching all of these elements in academic and private settings.
  • “Likability”…in the end, whether you’re studying piano, voice, karate, physics…simply being able to like and get along with an instructor or mentor is the key to success.

Jay Lemon offers you all of this and more! Learn the skills and develop the goals with the guidance of a teacher who has been helping students reach the stars for over 26 years as a Professor of Commercial Music at South Plains College! A member of Vocology In Practice International (VIP) and The International Voice Teachers of Mix (IVTOM), Jay is networked with teachers world wide, and has key contacts with industry professionals looking for people like YOU!  Now you can take advantage of his expertise as a client of Jay Lemon Vocal Studio.