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Jay Lemon Vocal Studio Austin

A former Professor of Commercial Music at South Plains College, and an avid vocal science enthusiast, Jay’s focus for any student is always the STUDENT…hearing what they want and need to achieve their goals. Fostering good technique and a solid artist “identity” to realize these goals becomes the bedrock of his style of instruction. This is called Student Centered Teaching… and without this philosophy of teaching, guiding any learning, the student gets lost in the process of giving information.

Begin The Search for the Voice of Your Soul!

With Jay Lemon Vocal Studio, you will learn from an industry veteran with over 30 years of teaching experience.
Gain Technique & Stamina
Learn Style & Inflection
Improve & Refine Your Technique

 Finding your own true voice and making the most of it is the primary goal of Jay Lemon Vocal Studio Instruction.